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New wireless triggering systems at Focus 2012

At the Focus On Imaging 2012 trade show, Pixel Enterprise release the King TTL trigger for Nikon while PocketWizard talk about the Plus III and their rivals. Flaghead bring out a trigger for wildlife photography.

Lighting gear to look out for in 2012

The Pixel King for Nikon will be ready in March 2012 and sold in Europe. Jinbei are also to announce several new products this year including triggers, a battery inverter and a flash.

Pixel Opas flash transceiver review

The Pixel Opas is a transceiver-based wireless flash trigger which looks similar to the popular Phottix Atlas. How does it fare in our review?

Lighting links this week

Innovatronix hold a clearance sale while Rift Labs revise the form factor of their RGB LED light. Rime Lite release Storm 2 and Storm 4 monolights. Pixel announce a transceiver-based flash trigger.

Lighting at Photo & Imaging Shanghai 2011

At the Interphoto trade show in Shanghai, new products and developments are presented and discussed by Aputure, CononMark, Jinbei, MeiKe, Phottix, Pixel, Yongnuo and other manufacturers.

TTL pass-through in action

A feature commonly added to new radio flash triggers is something called “TTL pass-through”. What is it and when would you use it in real life?

Pixel King wireless E-TTL Trigger first review

We have been evaluating pre-production models of Pixel Enterprise’s upcoming Pixel King wireless TTL flash triggers for Canon. Do they work reliably? Are they easy to use? Find out in our first review.