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New wireless triggering systems at Focus 2012

At the Focus On Imaging 2012 trade show, Pixel Enterprise release the King TTL trigger for Nikon while PocketWizard talk about the Plus III and their rivals. Flaghead bring out a trigger for wildlife photography.

Worldwide PocketWizard Plus II clearance sale

In an apparent effort to shift remaining stocks of the PocketWizard Plus II, prices have dropped to little more than £100 per transceiver. Some of the better deals we’ve spotted are listed inside.

PocketWizard Plus III transceiver officially announced

The PocketWizard Plus III wireless remote trigger has been officially unveiled and reviewed. The new model will be cheaper ($139 each), have more channels and several new features over the PocketWizard Plus II.

PocketWizard Plus III leaked

A behind-the-scenes video was briefly published on Vimeo of a product photography shoot for the new PocketWizard Plus III (3) wireless flash triggers.

New reviews coming soon!

Upcoming reviews at Lighting Rumours: Walimex PBS-400, Hensel Porty Lithium 12, PocketWizard AC3 and more.