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Jinbei Caler MF-100 – Quantum Qflash clone?

The Caler Mini Flash MF-100 is a high-powered hotshoe flashgun from Jinbei that runs off an external battery pack. It has a “bare bulb” and removable reflector, putting it halfway between a studio head and a system flash.

Quantum TTL trigger for Nikon, Canon flashes

Quantum QLink will allow photographers to integrate Nikon or Canon speedlights into the FreeXWire system, providing wireless TTL, ratios and manual control from the camera.

Quantum Turbo Blade

Photographic equipment manufacturer Quantum Instruments Inc. has released a new compact battery pack for speedlights and QFlashes: the Turbo Blade.

Quantum Turbo 3 battery pack released

Quantum Instruments have released the Turbo 3, a new battery pack for speedlights and Qflashes to replace the Turbo 2×2. UK & USA press releases inside.