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Shanny SN910TX transmitter review

Shanny’s “W-CLS” system is growing thanks to the new SN910TX radio transmitter, which can trigger the SN910EX-RF flash. Is it any good?

Pixel Mago flashgun review

The Pixel Mago is an E-TTL, high-speed flashgun with a built-in LED video lamp. At just $88, can Pixel’s first flash compete with Canon and Yongnuo?

Lightech Big Nano 250 review

Will this compact light stand have what it takes to withstand location photographers’ demands?

Lightech Full Boom 450 review

With a name that reminds of almost reaching nirvana, will this compact boom arm survive its ordeal to enlightenment?

Jinbei Spot Lite (Fresnel para luces de Estudio)

Caprichosos que somos hemos querido revisar algo exótico y hemos decidido tirar la casa por la ventana para revisar el Spot Lite S-26, veamos que tal va este fresnel para equipo de estudio.