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Lighting links this week

Recent snippets from B2Pro, Elinchrom, Lastolite, Rime Lite, Tumax, Westcott and Yongnuo.

Baltijas Foto Serviss photo meeting on 12th May

Baltijas Foto Serviss of Latvia will be hosting a “photo meeting” on Wednesday 12th May to show off Fomei’s new Digital Pro X and Panther Pro studio lighting systems, and some new Canon products.

Remotely controlling your flashes

There are now a range of options from which to choose allowing you to remotely control the flash power, modelling lights and more on your speedlights or studio flash units. This article is an overview.

Parabolic umbrellas for under £20

CotswoldPhoto has revealed a new parabolic umbrella for less than £20. Plus, Rime Lite XB Primes have been listed by Viewfinder Photography.

Fomei Digital Pro X video

Fomei have published a video showing off the features of the new Digital Pro X monolights.

Lighting links this week

XB Primes in Canada, a new electronic Samsung sensor, a series of RF-602 mods, and early reports on the Pixel TR-332.

Rime Lite XB Prime remote-controlled studio lights

Korean photographic lighting manufacturer Hyundae Photonics have announced an innovative new range of lights, the RiME Lite XB Prime series.
The system allows you to remotely control every function of your lights over ZigBee 2.4GHz signal, from the handheld controller or from your computer.