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Yongnuo ST-E2 vs Canon ST-E2 review published

The Chinese language Strobist blog has reviewed Yongnuo’s new ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter, finding the 3rd party offering trumps the original Canon unit in several areas.

Yongnuo ST-E2 clone “coming soon”, plus YN EX flashes?

Hong Kong Yong Nuo Photographic Equipment have officially announced their knock-off version of the Canon ST-E2 Wireless Speedlite Transmitter is “coming soon”. Read on for the full list of features, including “Support [for] YongNuo EX series flash”.

Yongnuo Wireless: YN460-TX, YN460-RX and ST-E2

Manufacturer Yongnuo have shown off a range of interesting photographic lighting products at a Chinese trade show. In addition to the YN-560 manual flashgun, there are also some gadgets which have appeared for the first time: YN460-TX, YN460-RX and Yongnuo ST-E2.