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Pixel King i-TTL trigger for Nikon review

We try the Pixel King Wireless i-TTL radio trigger, using it with Nikon speedlights and with low-priced third party i-TTL flashes from China. Does it work?

Radioflash: Brazil’s answer to the RadioPopper

The Radioflash Digi 8 TTL is a Brazilian product with the same features of RadioPoppers and more. As well as an infrared relay, the Digi 8 also works as a conventional manual trigger and a remote shutter release.

Phottix reassure customers Odin for Nikon is on its way

Fear not – say Phottix’s marketeers – the Phottix Odin Wireless TTL Trigger is definitely coming, but they want the production model to be bug-free to save the need for repeated firmware updates.