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Flash trigger firmware updates round-up

Cactus, Godox, Metz, Nissin and PocketWizard have all released new firmware for their radio-enabled flashes and wireless triggers. Notably, Godox now supports manual HSS for Fujifilm.

Hensel update their Integra line

Hensel’s Integra monolight range become Integra Plus Freemask, including a triggering system designed to simplify creating clipping masks.

Cactus V4 issues with G1, 5D and E-30 resolved

Sync speed issues with Cactus V4 wireless flash triggers and the Lumix G1, Canon 5D and Olympus E-30 have been resolved. All triggers sold from now on “should be free from these banding issues” with these cameras.

Einstein PocketWizard fix on the way

Paul C Buff Einstein monolight power supplies may cause issues with PocketWizards. A fix to the problem “should be available mid-August”.