Triopo TR-860EX 2.4GHz E-TTL flashgun now available in Europe

The TR-860EX flashgun — the E-TTL companion to the radio-controlled TR-850EX — is now on sale from €150.

Triopo TR-860EX

Earlier on this week we reported that the Triopo TR-850EX flash was on sale, and it seems that Chinese manufacturer Triopo is on a roll. The bigger brother of the TR-850EX has started shipping as well. This version differs by additionally offering E-TTL exposure and high speed sync over 2.4GHz.

Triopo TR-860EX

The TR-860EX seems like a rival for Canon’s Speedlite 600EX-RT, but Triopo is known for having some quality control issues, so it is still questionable if they can keep up with the big brands. Like the 600EX-RT, the TR-860EX offers a wireless link between two flashes to remotely adjust power and flash controls. As with the TR-850EX it has manual control, proprietary master and slave modes and stroboscopic (multi) flashing, but with the addition of wireless E-TTL exposure control and high-speed sync (HSS).

Dutch seller Folux has listed the flash unit on their online store. They confirmed via e-mail that the TR-860 is indeed already available and they had, when we asked, 19 units in stock.

Other retailers have it under a variety of different model names, including the TR-860, TR-860EX and EX-860C:

Triopo TR-860EX

It seems that the TR-860EX and TR-850EX are not the only Triopo flashes compatible with the company’s new 2.4GHz system. There is also a unit called the TR-985 (TR-985C for Canon; TR-985N for Nikon) which also offers TTL, high-speed sync and radio control. It’s not clear how (or if) this is different from the TR-860. Lighting Rumours already have asked around, and hope to update this post within a few days to inform you about the differences.

Thanks to Christopher Adolph for the tip.

  • Chanvibol Kim

    Dear sir

    1, does it work with canon 600D radio build in for both master and slave triggering?

    2, how about feature and spec on this both flash is stronger flash like Canon 600EX RT? i mean power fire light to subject, also GN Guide Number or what else… compare to 600EX RT is it stronger same ? cos I’m afraid it lower level like canon 430EX level or what? cos there are other triopo like u said 985 some one else. how compare is it?

  • Mark

    Are they compatible with each other regarding radio links?
    ie, I already own a speedlite 600rt-ex. Could I use that as the master and TR985C as slave?