We will be at the Sonimagfoto expo in Barcelona

We will be attending the Sonimagfoto trade fair in Barcelona this week. If you are attending, get in touch!

Since we got a pass to get out of the Lighting Rumours dungeon from the overlo— I mean, the website’s editor — we are going to be visiting Sonimagfoto photo gear exposition in Barcelona this Saturday! Our bodies and minds are ready to check out the gear and goodies that stores and manufacturers have for us photographers in the lighting department. We promise not to drool (too much) on the gear we look at.


However, since the official website of  Sonimagfoto doesn’t has a complete list of the exhibitors (manufacturers and stores) or a map of where the attendants will be on the expo, and the e-mail asking them for such list hasn’t been answered yet… We tend to think this is a way of them to surprise us… Who knows?! Or maybe they want us to surprise them?!

If your brand (manufacturers) or store is going to be at Sonimagfoto please let us know, we would love to chit chat with you and showcase what you brought to the expo. You can get in contact with me (Eduardo Francés, co-editor) on mobile +34 669741892 and e-mail [email protected].

Sorry Sonimagfoto’s organization: minus 1 point penalty for you :( 

See you Saturday!

Eduardo Frances
Based in Spain, Eduardo Frances is a professional photographer specialized in portrait, fashion and advertising photography. You can check out his work in his website: www.eduardofrances.com