Westcott announces Ice Light product recall

Due to a manufacturing fault, some Westcott Ice Light units are eligible for an "Exchange Program" whereby customers can have them replaced free of charge.

Westcott Ice Light

Due to a manufacturing fault, Westcott Ice Lights shipped between 1st April and 20th May are eligible for an “Exchange Program” whereby customers can have them replaced free of charge. The problem, found in one of the circuit boards, causes the Ice Light’s battery to deplete in 48 hours even when the device is switched off.

The firm stated,

“Westcott has identitied a potential battery depletion issue in certain Ice Light units that contain a circuit board manufacturered by a third-party supplier. These circuit boards have a tendency to maintain a slight frequency when not in use, causing the battery to slowly deplete over the course of 48 hours until drained. Please note this does not pose any safety risk.”

Westcott Ice Light

As a result of the issue, the company are testing their entire inventory to ensure the bug does not appear in future shipments. They say back-orders will start to ship in “early July”.

To find out how to replace a faulty Ice Light, visit the Exchange Program web page.

David Selby
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