Westcott introduces larger, bi-colour Flex LEDs

Westcott has added several new sizes, adjustable colour temperature, and various accessories to the Flex LED range.


Following the release of their bendable Flex LED, Westcott has announced several new models, adding larger sizes and bi-colour function. The key selling point of the Flex is its ability to roll up, making it easy to transport, store, and position in awkward places.

Westcott Flex

The original Flex LED is 10 × 10 inches with daylight (5600K) colour temperature. New models include a 10 × 3-inch strip, a 1 &times 1-foot, 1 × 2-foot, 1 × 2-foot, 2 × 2-foot with daylight colour temperature, and 10 × 3-inch, 1 × 1-foot, 1 × 2-foot panels with bi-colour control from 2800K (tungsten) to 6000K (daylight).

Westcott FLEX 10X3 BICOLOR


Other new additions include a lithium-ion D-tap-style battery to power the smallest three sizes. According to the manufacturer, it can run the 1 &times 1-foot Flex for “over 3 hours”. Users can also power the Flex from their own batteries, using appropriate P/D-tap cables.

Using the “Scrim Jim Cine” system, photographers and film-makers can put the Flex in a rigid frame, mount on a light stand and even add a sort of softbox.


The Westcott Flex system is available from Adorama, B&H Photo and other retailers at the following prices (at the time of writing):

  • Flex 10×3″ Daylight — $299.90
  • Flex 1×1′ Daylight — $649.90
  • Flex 1×2′ Daylight — $999
  • Flex 1×3′ Daylight — $1699
  • Flex 2×2′ Daylight — $1999
  • Flex 10×3″ Bi-colour — $429.90
  • Flex 1×1′ Bi-colour — $849.90
  • Flex 1×2′ Bi-colour — $1299.90
  • Li-ion battery — $299.90
  • Softboxes for Flex — from $89.90
  • 2-Light Cine Travel Kit (pictured above) — $2599.90

For more information, see these product pages:

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