Zeppelin Deep Parabolic softboxes give wrap-around lighting from Westcott

Westcott has introduced new high-end light modifiers aimed at portrait, fashion and commercial photographers.

Westcott Zeppelin

Westcott has introduced a new line of large light modifiers aimed at portrait, fashion and commercial photographers. The Zeppelin Deep Parabolic series are sixteen-sided softboxes with highly reflective silver interiors and double diffusion panels.

Westcott Zeppelin Deep Parabolic series

Coming in three sizes, you can opt for the 35-inch (89cm), 47-inch (119cm) or 59-inch (149cm) models to suit your needs. According to the manufacturer, assembly is “effortless”, with clear instructions provided, as well as a travelling case. The deep parabolic shape generates “stunning even, wrap-around light output”.

Designed for both flash and continuous lighting, the Para-47″ and Para-59″ can withstand the heat buildup from tungsten lamps up to 1000 watts, while the Para-39″ is fine up to 650 watts. There is a removable ventilation cover on the back.

Westcott Zeppelin interior

The Zeppelin series has several mounting options, including its own yoke mount (available separately) to hold the light head inside the softbox, or it is possible to support light and modifier separately by poking your lamp’s light stand through a zip-open vent in the side of the Zeppelin (Apollo style). The latter allows heads with obscure accessory mounts — or even speedlights — to be used. A deflector plate prevents rear light spill.


Westcott Zeppelin

The pricing is as follows.

  • Zeppelin Para-35″ — $399.90
  • Zeppelin Para-47″ — $499.90
  • Zeppelin Para-59″ — $699.90
  • Zeppelin Deflector Plate — $29.90
  • Speedring Bracket — from $199.90

The Zeppelins are available now from Adorama and B&H Photo.

David Selby
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