Yet another eBay trigger: I can’t believe it’s not RF-602

IShoot have released a flash trigger called the PT-04 A, which resembles an RF-602. Coming soon: PT-04 D with 200m+ range?

PT-04 CN, PT-04 B, PT-04 C, PT-04 A

IShoot PT-04 models

IShoot/Photoloving have released yet another form for their PT-04 radio trigger. The latest one is called the PT-04 A and resembles an RF-602RX.

Unfortunately looks aren’t everything; if you want reliable 2.4 GHz triggering you still have to stretch your wallet an extra $16.00 for the Yongnuo RF-602 instead.

All IShoot branded triggers (PT-04 CN, B, C and A) are confirmed inter-compatible, but they are not compatible with other triggers.

The information on the PT-04 box mentions an unreleased PT-04 D as well. Which shape haven’t they tried yet?

UPDATE on the PT-04 D according to eBay seller lilyrst:

it’s a new flash trigger which is being researched and developed, its working range possibly reaches 200m above. But that really need a little longer time to make it perfectly.

Radio trigger comparison guide

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