Egg-shaped YN650EX-RF flash pricing revealed

The Yongnuo YN650EX-RF is set to cost $140 and will start shipping in early 2021.

Yongnuo Speedlite YN650EX-RF

Yongnuo’s oval-headed speedlight, the YN650EX-RF, is now available to pre-order from some sellers.

The flash unit was announced a month or so ago, boasting radio remote control and an unusual form factor that is somewhere in between a ’round head’ (like the Godox V1 or Profoto A10) and a standard rectangular fresnel. The zooming flash tube is surrounded by a ring of modelling lamp LEDs.

Early listings on Amazon and eBay put the price at around US$140, with a release date slated for 1 February 2021. Though the odd retailer might accept orders now, we’d recommend waiting until it’s available from a known seller, such as the official Yongnuo Amazon store.

The Yongnuo YN650EX-RF supports Canon E-TTL through the hotshoe and is compatible with Yongnuo’s different 2.4GHz wireless triggering systems, to varying levels of remote adjustment ability. It’s still not clear whether Yongnuo plans to release versions for camera brands other than Canon. Unlike other recent unconventional flash designs, this one runs on ordinary AA batteries.

For more information on the features and technical specifications, read the original announcement.

Would you buy an egg-shaped flash?

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