LED-equipped Yongnuo YN968EX-RT flash now available to order

The Yongnuo YN968EX-RT flash with built-in LED lamp has been listed online for $150.

Yongnuo Speedlite YN968EX-RT

Yongnuo’s high-end Speedlite YN968EX-RT, announced in November, is now listed for sale at various online retailers for $150/£120. We haven’t seen this flash on sale at the official Yongnuo eBay store yet, so these sellers may not have the item actually in stock.

A TTL flash with built-in radio, the Yongnuo YN968EX-RT is designed to be compatible with Canon’s proprietary 2.4GHz RT system. It also offers continuous lighting capabilities, thanks to an LED lamp on the underside of the head. For more information, read the original announcement.

Yongnuo Speedlite YN968EX-RT

We previously envisaged the price would be closer to $120, in line with the YN600EX-RT. If the current list prices are accurate, then it looks like Yongnuo is pitching this flash as a model above the YN600EX-RT series, which has similar features except for the LED lamp. You are still saving a considerable amount over the Canon 600EX II-RT, which is currently available for $479.

The second model in the YN600EX-RT series, the YN600EX-RT II, has now been officially announced but is not yet on sale.

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