Yongnuo EX600 becomes YN-560EX; YN560 discontinued?

The EX600 wireless flashgun from Yongnuo is now called the YN-560EX and has been priced at $109.99.

Yongnuo YN-560EX

The Yongnuo EX600 was announced a few months ago as a manual flashgun with wireless TTL capabilities. Since then it has been renamed the YN-560EX in keeping with the company’s speedlight nomenclature. On your hotshoe, it’s just a manual flash. Take it off-camera and you have access to both Canon and Nikon advanced optical wireless control. Effectively, it’s a Yongnuo YN-565EX for a photographer who doesn’t need another on-camera TTL speedlight.

Yongnuo YN-560EX, rear controls


In other news, we have been getting unconfirmed tips that the original YN560 has been discontinued, leaving just the YN560-II (which has an LCD screen rather than blinky LEDs) and the aforementioned YN-560EX. Even if true (it’s still listed at the official Yongnuo outlet), retailers still have stock, so it’ll be a while yet before the YN560 is unavailable.

Yongnuo YN-560EX


ThePhotoGadget has listed the YN-560EX for sale at a price of US$109.99. That’s a saving of $35 from the YN-565EX, but $35 more than the YN560-II. So which Yongnuo flash should you buy?

Get the YN-560 if you want “idiot lights” and basic manual control for a low price. Choose the YN560-II for extra features like an LCD screen and stroboscopic effects. Spend a bit more for the YN-560EX (aka EX600) that will work as a wireless slave in your Canon E-TTL or Nikon AWL infrared system. The YN-565EX is for people wanting TTL on-camera or those who are planning to invest in the new YN-622 radio E-TTL triggers.

Yongnuo YN-560EX

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David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • thanks for this info David .

  • Having used both the YN560 and YN560-II, I must note that the LCD screen, while nice, isn’t actually superior in functionality compared to the idiot lights. In fact, when the flash is mounted up and tilted down on an angle, the quality of the LCD screen makes it impossible to read the information on it (all the ITO electrodes on the screen become visible at those angles). For those uses off-camera, the lights on the YN560 are much more practical.

    • totaly agree with the led lights on the 560 mk1
      much easier to see and adjust in the dark

    • I think they called “idiotic lights” when using on-camera. It his case indicators are very uncomfortable for eyes. Off-camera using is really doesn’t matter at all.

  • ituner

    Please note that YN-560EX has no connector for external battery pack

  • Joseba Garrastatxu


    First of all, great article, David.

    And now, my question 😉

    Recently, I bought a yn560ex flash, because wanted a cheap TTL flash.

    In the user manual, I can read is a TTL flash, but it’s not true. When I use it mounted on the camera’s shoe, its behaviour is not TTL.

    If I buy a yn622c wireless triggers, could I use the flash in TTL mode?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ah! my camera is a Canon EOS500D (I don’t know if it cares).

    • Hi Joseba. Your YN560EX is a manual flash as far as its hotshoe foot is concerned. It is only if you are controlling it with an ST-E2 or other Canon infrared transmitter that the YN560EX’s TTL capabilities will reveal themselves.

      As I mentioned in the article, you will want a YN565EX (or the newer YN568EX) for full TTL capabilities with the YN622C remotes. This is because they communicate through the hotshoe foot. Actually, you can even use Yongnuo’s older cheaper flashes with the YN622C, such as the YN465.

      More information is here.

  • WolfDengler

    I´ve bought 2 of the YN560EX; they work really well with my SU-800 and the SB600. I thinkt they are worth teir money.

    Thanks für the very well done article!