Yongnuo flashes listed as ‘suitable for Nikon D400’

A range of eBay sellers are listing Yongnuo lighting accessories as "for Nikon D400".

Yongnuo eBay listings mentioning Nikon D400

If you search on eBay for Yongnuo products – such as their YN-series flashguns or RF-series radio triggers – you’ll find a number of their listings headlined “for Nikon D400”. This is not just at the Yongnuo official store, but at a range of different resellers.

Yongnuo eBay listings mentioning Nikon D400

The D400 DSLR camera from Nikon has neither been released nor announced. So, is this a typo, or do the people at Yongnuo know something we don’t?

David Selby
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