Yongnuo RF-603 transceiver triggers available to order

Yongnuo RF-603 wireless flash triggers are now available at around US$45 per set.

Yongnuo RF-603 Transceivers

Yongnuo RF-603 TransceiversYongnuo’s latest wireless flash trigger, the RF-603 series, is now available for purchase on eBay. The latest reports suggest that the devices, among the first in budget remotes to incorporate auto-switching transceiver technology, do not offer full TTL pass-through on the transmitter like competing brands such as the Phottix Strato, PocketWizard FlexTT5 or Pixel Bishop. Instead, the RF-603 features are more in line with those of the recently released Cactus V5.

Early eBay listings price the units at around US$45 per pair, or about $25 each. Any unit may act as either transmitter or receiver, and roles are assigned automatically when the photographer pushes the test button. Canon and Nikon flashes (except the Nikon SB-600) benefit from automatic wake up from sleep mode on a shutter half-press. The RF-603C is wirelessly compatible with the RF-603N, allowing Canon cameras to wake up Nikon flashes and vice versa.

Please be aware that some retailers who list the triggers without having them in stock yet. Trevor Nelmes, of British Yongnuo reseller CotswoldPhoto, has advised consumers to be wary of early eBay listings:

I would advise you not to pay more than £30 for a set of four, or £58 for a set of four, at least sourced in the UK and including delivery and tax. Anyone charging you more is ripping you off and you will be somewhat miffed when you find that out as sellers who list when they actually have stock start to list them.

The official Yongnuo seller, based in Hong Kong, have not yet listed the RF-603s but are expected to do so with a 12 month manufacturer warranty.

David Selby
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