Yongnuo Speedlite YN560-II successor “is coming”

The YN560 III will be the latest iteration in Yongnuo's line of affordable off-camera manual flashguns, we are told.

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Update: It is here and it has built-in radio triggering. Click here for more information.

Yongnuo will soon announce an improved version of their low-price manual speedlight, the Yongnuo YN560-II, according to a trusted source. We are told by a distributor that the manufacturer is to introduce a new flash called the YN560 III, but we were not given the feature list or spec sheet. A release date and price are also unknown at this stage.

When the YN560 was upgraded to the YN560-II, it was given an LCD screen and new features including a creative stroboscopic mode. The lack of an “EX” suffix in the Mark III’s name suggests it won’t have access to Nikon/Canon optical TTL triggering and will remain a fully manual flash. As for other possible new features, we can only speculate.

The original YN560 and the super-low-rent flash before it, Yongnuo’s debut YN460, are both still available from the official outlet, so the YN560 II is unlikely to be completely discontinued, even after its successor eventually goes on sale.

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