Yongnuo YN-560 first impressions

Some first impressions and new images of the new YN-560, thanks to the Kurbster.

YN-560 unboxing

Some first impressions and photographs of the imminently-to-be-released YN-560, thanks to the Kurbster.

  • The pull out flash bounce card, and the plastic wide angle pull down [diffuser] didn’t break after 10 tries of pulling it in and out, Now that’s a +1 so far.
  • +1 On the super fast recycle times (Under 2 seconds on full power)
  • +1 On the new battery door
  • +1 On the rubber door covering the sync input, and ext battery input (Does not feel like it’s going to break anytime soon)
  • +1 Because of the angle of the flash itself, It does have a slight lower angle to it. 1 click upwards to brings it a straight level
  • +1 Because of the length of it’s zoom head. It fits nicely inside those 16″ ebay beauty dishes, and 16″ / 20″ / 24″ portable soft boxes
  • The head moves freely with clicks, No side buttons to press like the canon
  • It will also cover part of the on/off switch on an RF-602 receiver
  • Powers on like the YN 460 II, Need to hold down power button to all power led’s light up, reverse for shutting down.
  • You can barely hear the the little chime for when flash is ready
  • Zoom head is noisy. but then so are all of them.
  • The PC Socket is pushin type, not screw in type
  • Using the cheap Interfit light meter at 1 meter distance I get f32 @ 1/125 sec – ISO100 Zoom:35mm

Watch this space for further images and light meter tests.

The YN-560 is available for pre-order on eBay now and due to be released from official seller hkyongnuophotoequipment within days.

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