Yongnuo YN-568EX is first speedlight in China with HSS

The new YN-568EX offers wireless TTL, modelling flash and the ability to synchronise with your camera all the way up to 1/8000 second.

Yongnuo YN-568EX

Buying a third-party flashgun from China is a good way to save money, but often it means missing out on features. Until today, no Chinese-branded speedlight has supported “High Speed Sync” (also known as FP Sync or HSS) — the rapid pulsing that permits photographers to use flash at shutter speeds over 1/250 second.

The YN-568EX from Yongnuo (a company based in Shenzhen) is the latest product in their Speedlite EX range, following the TTL-enabled YN-565EX and manual YN-560EX. The new YN-568EX has TTL (including wireless slave mode) for Nikon or Canon, manual adjustment, an optical slave mode and a large LCD control panel. It is also the first hotshoe flash from a Chinese company that can synchronise up to 1/8000 second on Nikon or Canon cameras.

Yongnuo YN-568EX

High speed sync is not the only difference between the YN-565EX and YN-568EX. The 568 also has a different body shape, new control panel and has a common 2.5mm jack instead of the outdated Prontor/Compur (PC) sync port on the 565.

There are trade-offs too, though: there is nowhere to plug in an external battery pack on the YN-568EX. And while you’re probably going to be paying more for the 568EX over the 565EX, neither unit can “do a Russell Crowe”, acting as Master/Commander for an advanced optical wireless set-up.

Yongnuo YN-568EX, rear control panel

All these model numbers and technical terms can get a bit confusing, so here’s a comparison table of Yongnuo’s EX-series Speedlites to see how they differ in features:

Guide number (105mm)585858
Recycle time3 seconds3 seconds3 seconds
Zoom head24 - 105mm24 - 105mm24 - 105mm
Manual mode1/1 - 1/1281/1 - 1/1281/1 - 1/128
Sync port2.5mmProntor-Compur2.5mm
Optical slave
TTL on-camera
TTL off-camera
External power input
Modelling flash

Yongnuo YN-568EX, front

Why buy the YN568EX? Get it if you want a capable system flash with on- and off-camera TTL capabilities and full manual control. With its support for fast shutter speeds, you can pair it with the new Yongnuo YN-622C for a complete radio-controlled off-camera flash system. If you just want a good manual flash and aren’t planning to use it on-camera or with TTL triggers, consider instead the YN560EX or YN560II.

Pricing and availability for the Yongnuo YN-568EX have yet to be announced, but expect to see samples on display at Photokina in September. Upon release, it will be on sale at Yongnuo’s official online store.

Can’t wait? Have a look at existing HSS-enabled flashes from Nissin, Metz and Sigma.

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David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • Ben

    Will it also have wireless HSS??

  • YESSSS! Finally! Now there’s absolutely no dillema for me about buying a Canon flash. The YN-568 has it all for me.

    I just wonder why they hadn’t kept for the sleeker design of the YN-565 and kept the external battery connection.

  • Cool! Do you know if this supports HSS wirelessly or just on-camera?

  • Why cant they just make a flash with everything…… like HSS AND External Power input?

    Now I’m going to have to start waiting all over again……. 🙁

    • jerry Eisner

      I AGREE with ALL the others who wonder why they keep leaving off the one or two vital things that would make the flash universally professional! You absolutely should have the option of external power for both the higher recycle times at weddings or even portraits, because action and expressions are changing quicker than the normal flash can recycle. Even the supposedly outdated PC connection SHOULD BE THERE to allow for those who want to synch there smaller flashes with other brands of radio controls. There are thousands of older radio units that could synch up with the older and reliable PC connectors and it should have been left on for backward compatibility reasons. I will keep waiting for some company to realize that CAnon and Nikon can actually be beat and not merely equaled in what they offer. That company will step up to the plate and give us a flash that is both cheaper than the others and better. The only reason i think this is not being done already is that these third party copy cat companies, may be afraid of being sued, if they copy every feature item for item. They may even be licensing technology from the big two with agreements of what they can mimick and what they MUST leave out for legal purposes. I find it extremely frustrating to read all about these things each week and then realize that they will not work for me because those one or two vital features have been omitted or taken away. je

  • Lack of the battery pack input is weird specially if you use the HSS on a bright day you would need a lot of power and a battery pack for faster recycle time.

  • Agreed with Ottawa, but this could REALLY take a chunk away from Canon if it’s a success. If they need a tester, i’ve already got a 580ex2, 580ex1, 565, 560, and a set of yn622’s….just saying.

    • Yeah I’m happy they finally decided to implement the HSS. It would have been great to use the 565EX form factor for it instead of this new one without the battery pack input.

  • Reader

    Don’t get too excited until someone tests it. With Yong Nui’s reputation I wouldn’t bet the farm on their HSS functions.

  • Trailboy

    No external battery input?



  • Why don’t we have a second poll entitled “Is external battery input important to you?”

  • Trailboy

    Essential. Once used to 1 sec recycle, I could never go back.

  • Steffen

    I think the 565EX has a modelling light function, doesn’t it?

    • Yes, the 565 does support modelling light…..looks like an error in the chart on this page. Just tried the 565 on my 60D, and the modelling light function works fine.

  • Hi ,

    Will this flash work along with phottix Odin?

  • Emanuele Foti

    TTL no work in TTL mode for Nikon?

  • Tony

    I think it is a poor design concept not to include a port for external power on this model. HSS drains the batteries so fast. Utterly beats me why they included an external power port on YN565EX that doesn’t have HSS capability and omitted it on this model where it is needed most. Poor design concept.

    • Heber Peralta

      Are you sure the 568 series does not have HSS ????
      They say the HSS works with yn622c (radio)…. or HSS works only with camera???

  • perfectflash

    Is the AF beam+pattern updated on the new 568EX? or is it still the same(i.e. unreliable) as 565EX? can’t wait for it to support all AF points on my 5d 🙁

    • DMZamora

      Of course being able to cover only the central focus point can be a hassle, but you can’t call an AF Assist capable of focusing at a no contrast surface in complete darkness unreliable.

  • this flash has a port for battery pack like sf 17 or sf 18 ? becouse i saw diferrent webs and i don´t know if it has or not

  • Hi,

    quick question…

    do you know wich other flashes than this work in CLS wireless system?

    – YN 568
    – Oloong 660 II
    – Triopo TR-980?

    – Cactus AF50? they say it works have you tryed it?
    – Oloong 690 II

    Beside that i know there is the nikon, the sigma and the metz, but im looking for a cheaper set up…

    Im I missing any others??


  • WEKurtz

    Looking for instructions manual in any digital format. Anyone…?

  • john


  • Nath

    Hi There!!!! I wanna know if excise the new yongnuo YN – 568 for nikon cameras.


  • alevente

    The 565 has, too, modelling light (same functionality: use DOF button)

  • mik

    Any HSS (P-TTL) for Pentax?

    I loking to, for a P-TTL flash trigger- i`ts a fairy tales?- probably yes..:(

  • Juan Kis

    Does anybody knows if I using as off-camera flash, I can control the power from my camera using the triggers YN-622C ?

  • I will comment saying the yn-565ex does have a modeling lamp and on the yn-560exII there is an external power.

  • Maurice

    Is their a Hack available to add an external power input to the YN-568?

  • Darryn McKay

    Cool great info

  • Agri

    Hi Everyone
    1. Does any one know if Yn-568ex can execute AutoFP/High Speed Sync, off camera?
    2. Does any one know if Yn-568ex can execute TTL, off camera?
    Equipment: D7100 with built-in flash (as commander mode) for off camera usage. Without triggers.
    Looking forward to some feedback soon. Thanking U in advance.

  • Shelly L

    Hello everyone,

    Want to buy the Yongnuo 568 YN-EX ll for my Nikon but am starting to believe that it is only avail. for the Cannon. Is the only 568 model avail. for Nikon the 568 YN-EX
    also what exactly is HSS.

    Thanks for knowing your stuff:)

  • nic

    Hi! just been trying out my new Yongnuo 568 II flash with my canon 600d. I’ve been trying to get high speed sync with off camera flash, but i’m unable to get it. Will I have to get YN622C wireless trigger for it to work or am I doing something wrong?