Yongnuo YN-622C E-TTL trigger released

The advanced E-TTL radio flash trigger from Yongnuo, the YN-622C, is now on sale. The pricing is set at $109.99.

Yongnuo YN-622C E-TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Transceivers

The advanced E-TTL radio flash trigger from Yongnuo, the YN-622C, is now on sale. The pricing is set at $109.99, making it much better value than the rival Pixel King. The YN-622 offers more powerful features at a lower price.

For more information on the YN-622, view our guide here. You canΒ click here for listings. In France they are sold by Lovinpix for €99.

Yongnuo YN-622C E-TTL Wireless Flash Trigger Transceivers

David Selby
Based in the West Midlands, UK, David Selby is editor of Lighting Rumours, a part-time photographer and a statistics PhD student.
  • Woohoo!! The best trigger for the best price πŸ˜€

  • very good priceee

  • scott

    Hey David, In your opinion do you think these triggers are better than Pixel Kings (canon)? I like my Kings except no TTL passthru shoe mount and no ETTL ratio’s ! There is no LCD screen on the Transceiver, how do you set the TTL ratio’s ? And do all the Transceivers come with metal foot shoe mounts ? Thanx for the reviews !

    • David A. Selby

      Scott, see our guide to the YN-622 to find out how to set ratios. If one transceiver comes with a metal foot, then they all do, because each unit is the same.

  • No USB Port for future Updates like the other competitors???

    • Why do you need a software update? Do you update your speedlights?

      • No, but i remember the f***ing software problems with my first pixel knights.
        I think chinese engineering is somehow “different” than a canon engineered speelight?!
        Yes, canon also have sometimes problems with some of their products but usually released them after a long test period.
        Don`t believe chinese do that.
        And send an item back to china is another story …
        So i have a bad feeling, ordering again a first release of an chinese product with no update possibilities.

        • ituner

          Fearing that the YN-622 will repeat the fate of the YN ST-E2, I ordered PIXEL King.

          • Ray Walton

            What is wrong with the YN ST-E2? Fated??? How??? I love my YN ST-E2 it is bloody excellent in build quality as well as having more functions (has full Group C function) and much more flexible range than the Canon equivalent costing twice as much. The YN ST0E2 is twice as good for half the price as the Canon original unit IMHO.

            I love Yongnuo gear and have a YN 565EX Speedlite too which is only lacking HSS sadly but a great price for a great flash, which is fast powerful and reliable.

            This YN 622C system looks great but unless I need the additional and/or no line of sight, range then I will stick with my YN ST-E2 which also means I do not need a transceiver for each one of my remote flashes either.

            This YN 622C system is just what I will get if the ST-E2 optical range becomes a serious issue for me and I need more control than my basic RF 603’s offer. Well done Yongnuo yet again, some absolutely brilliant products at brilliant prices.

      • Lawliet

        Canon tends to update their speedlites; think of the updated functions in relation to the control via camera menu.
        New units may require proper responses to currently unknown commands. Even if its just the difference between “command not supportet” and “command unknown”

        • From Yongnuo:
          “As the old YN-622 is not compatible with 1D series, Yongnuo is now improving it. The newest YN-622 (which will be compatible with 1D series) can only be shipped on Sep 5th…”

          4 Weeks after its release they name it “the old one”
          Do you Guys need more solid arguments for an USB Port?
          I’m outty!

  • Reader

    These are not available. Stock will ship later this month, maybe.

  • I want to buy them but I will wait for the first Beta testers πŸ™‚ to try them out and post their opinions…..

  • Rafael motta

    Do you guys think that the pixel king ttl passtrough and ratio control limitations are hardware or software issues? If they are software limitations maybe they will release a newe firmware to solve this and compete with this new radio. What u all think?

    • ituner

      TTL passtrough impossible in Pixel King.
      YN solved this problem by adding a receiver to the transmitter.

    • Lawliet

      The camera has no way to address multiple devices on the bus, no way to talk to a specific one or to determinate where answers come from. That would work while both the transmitter & the flash do exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. But sooner or later things get interesting.
      Same thing w. ETTL split cables, the work as long as the controlling device doesn’t listen to butchered responses and both flashes behave as expected and in sync.
      Treating the on camera flash as a remote works, but that in turn disables any function beyond that of any other remote. You’d need a much smarter proxy to do that, akin to the PW FlexTT. Look at their FW update schedule to get an idea how simple that is.

  • Adam

    Thephotogadget are now selling them on ebay. Their description says they are fully compatible with 580EXII / 430EXII however the 580EX / 430EX require manual input. Does anyone know why should this be? I thought functionality between Mark I and II versions was the same.

    • Lawliet

      The EXII got us the integration with the camera menu, the older flashes can’t do that.

      • Marcelo

        What about the Canon 270EX? Will it work? The descriptions mention 270EXII, but I believe there are no differences in the menu, am I right?

  • Jack Daniels

    Is Yongnuo YN-622C TTL Flash Trigger officially CE-certified?

  • Ryan

    Anyone know if the E-TTL Ratios are considered a “Manual” adjustment that needs to be done through the flash? I’m wondering if ratios will work with my 580EX and other non-II flashes.