Yongnuo YN460-TX / YN460-RX reviewed

An early review has been published of Yongnuo's YN460-TX/RX Wireless TTL system.

Yongnuo YN460-TX and YN460-RX

Yongnuo YN460-TX and YN460-RXA review of Yongnuo’s upcoming wireless TTL system has been published by the Chinese Strobist blog. The testers evaluated both Canon and Nikon versions and found the following:

  • There are Canon and Nikon-specific Commanders (YN460-TX) and they have metal hotshoe feet. The remote flash (YN460-RX) is universal and has only a centre pin on its plastic hotshoe foot, so it cannot be used as a standalone TTL flash on a camera.
  • The YN460-TX features input and output PC ports, with support for rear curtain sync. There is no PC port on the YN460-RX Speedlight.
  • The Speedlight takes 4*AAs but the Commander takes 2*AAAs.
  • Signal range varies depending on how many lights you are controlling.
  • The YN460RX is equal in brightness to a classic YN460.
  • Rear curtain sync works for Canon.
  • Not compatible with Yongnuo RF-602 wireless triggers.

You can find more test data, images, videos and the rest of the review in the Shanzhuoboshi article here. It includes a useful comparison of the YN460-TX/RX’s features with other wireless triggering systems. You can consult the manufacturer’s product page for official specifications and features.

The price for the new system was put at 600 Chinese yuan, or four times the cost of a set of RF-602s (150 yuan). This suggests an international price of around US$180 for a set.

Where to buy

The Yongnuo YN460-TX Wireless Speedlight Commander and YN460-RX Wireless TTL Speedlight have an expected release date of December 2010 “at the earliest”. Keep an eye out for them at the official Yongnuo eBay store.

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