New YongNuo i-TTL Speedlite YN685 released

The Nikon version of Yongnuo's radio-enabled YN685 TTL speedlight is now on sale.

It took YongNuo a while, but they have finally released the Nikon version of their highly-anticipated YN685 speedlite. This speedlite can be wirelessly controlled by either a YongNuo YN622 or RF603 radio trigger. You can get the most functionality out of using the YN622, which provides HSS and TTL support.


The YN685 only acts as a slave and cannot be used as a master for other YN685 flashes or YN622 receivers. However it is possible to use the speedlite in so-called “Extended Display Mode”. When mounted on top of a YN622II trigger, the display of the flash can be used to change the power of the different flash groups, similar to the functionality of the YN622TX.


The exterior of this new Nikon-dedicated flash looks nearly identical to the E-TTL version for Canon cameras. There is a HV-port but no USB port for firmware updates. If firmware updates become available they can be put on a YN622II trigger which would update the YN685 once it is connected in the hot shoe.

The YN685 is available now for about $110.