Yongnuo announces YN685 II for Canon and Nikon

The new Yongnuo YN685II is a refresh to the YN685 speedlight, which was introduced back in 2015.

Yongnuo’s latest release is the YN685 II. It is a refresh to the YN685, which was introduced back in 2015.

The original model was one of the first flashes (if not the first) to feature an integrated 2.4 GHz trigger. Like the old version, the new YN685 II is fully compatible with Yongnuo’s own wireless TTL system, so you can use it with your existing YN622C-series radio remotes. It also supports manual triggering and remote control with the YN560-TX and YN560IV, wireless group control with the RF-605 triggers and basic synchronisation with the RF-603 and RF-603 II radios.

Similar to other models from Yongnuo, the YN685 II features a GN60 (at 200mm), HSS, zoom range of 20 mm (14 mm with included pull out diffuser) to 200mm and a recycle time of 2 seconds. This recycle time is slightly better than the older version, but the other specifications haven’t changed much.

The exterior of the flash also did not changed much compared to the older model. Perhaps the most noteworthy change is the addition of a USB port. For updating the firmware on the older YN685 you needed a YN622 trigger to send it to the speedlight, a process that would always work well and needed the photographer to have a YN622 at his disposal.

Currently the YN685 II can be pre-ordered for $129, while the older one is slightly cheaper at $115. The YN685II will be available for Canon and Nikon.