This is the Yongnuo YNE3-RX receiver for Canon RT

Yongnuo has released photos of the YNE3-RX, their upcoming radio receiver that will let you add any flash to a Canon radio system.

Yongnuo YNE3-RX

Yongnuo has released photos of their upcoming radio receiver for the Canon RT system. The Yongnuo YNE3-RX is a 2.4GHz module that connects to almost any E-TTL Speedlite from Canon or Yongnuo, granting it the ability to receive signals from Canon’s proprietary radio transmission (RT) triggering system.

Until now, Canon has only released one flash with radio capabilities: the Speedlite 600EX-RT, and the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT to trigger it. Some third-party manufacturers, including Yongnuo, have made their own aftermarket clones of the flashgun and of the transmitter, but if you have a camera bag full of non-radio flashes such as the venerable 580EX II then you were left high and dry.

With the Yongnuo YNE3-RX, you will be able to turn any modern E-TTL flash into an “RT” flash, and thanks to the receiver’s PC sync port you may be able to trigger studio lights as well. This should make the Canon RT system both more versatile and affordable.

Yongnuo YNE3-RX

The YNE3-RX has a Canon E-TTL hotshoe for your speedlite, a test button and an indicator LED. It looks like it will run on two AA batteries, like the Yongnuo YN622C. On the rear of the device is a simple LCD control panel that will let you view and change the channel (1–4) and group (A–C) of your remote flash.

Yongnuo YNE3-RX

To build a working RT setup, you will need a Canon 600EX-RT, ST-E3-RT or Yongnuo YN600EX-RT or YN-E3-RT as a 2.4GHz commander on your Canon DSLR hotshoe. Then attach your Yongnuo YNE3-RX receiver to a

  • Canon 600EX(-RT), 580EX II, 430EX II, 320EX, 270EX (II), or
  • Yongnuo YN568EX (II), YN565C, YN468C (II), YN467C (II), YN465C,

to get wireless E-TTL control. You should be able to trigger other flashes as well in manual mode.

Yongnuo YNE3-RX

The YNE3-RX features a mini-USB port for firmware updates and a Prontor/Compur (PC) sync output, which should effectively let you add any studio light or non-Canon flash to a Canon RT setup for basic triggering.

There is a metal coldshoe foot with a 1/4-inch tripod thread on the base, which will allow photographers to mount the YNE3-RX on a mini-flash stand, on any hotshoe accessory or on most light stands.

Yongnuo YNE3-RXYongnuo YNE3-RX

Pricing and an official release date have yet to be announced. The Yongnuo YN600EX-RT radio flash is $150 and the YN-E3-RT trigger is $90, both available from the official Yongnuo eBay store and Amazon store.

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